Houston Hall in New York City

featured: houston-hall-new-york-city-review-eatdressgoThere are many great things about New York City-you don’t need anyone to tell you that.  Instead, let’s focus on one great thing-interior spaces.  Once past unassuming, random doors, how many restaurant or nightclub interiors have left you gobsmacked?  Sometimes an interior space can be so enormous, so cavernous, so majestic, you can’t help but wonder, “Where are we?”

So it is with Houston Hall, a new indoor beer garden smack in the heart of Greenwich Village. From the modest, welcoming pub sign out front, there is no inkling a patron is about to head into a vast, remodelled parking garage replete with communal seating and soaring, high beamed ceilings.  The owners worked hard to create an authentic beer hall feel with just an edge of irony.  There is a sense not that you’ve walked into the real deal, per se, but instead into a wink and a nod to all the real deals who have come before.

Once you get over how great the space is, you discover the food echoes this wink and nod feeling as well with traditional pub fare moulded into a modernized shape: giant pretzels, buffalo chicken wontons and pastrami Reuben spring rolls.  This is hip, savory food that lends itself to the reason you decided to drop by in the first place, to drink beer.

And drink beer you should since it’s all created by Greenpoint Beerworks, the folks responsible for all the brews over at Heartland Breweries.  The menu boasts a great selection in three different sizes-small, medium and large, so you can sample before you fully commit.

Drop in the next time you’re wandering around downtown, you won’t be disappointed.

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