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featured: maenam-vancouver-review-eatdressgoVancouver, British Columbia is a perfect storm of a town if you like to eat.  In every pocket of this modestly booming metropolis there is a place, someone will tell you, you must try.  While it’s practically impossible to hit every place you should, there are good reasons to hit all the places you can. First, the cold waters along the Pacific coast provide some of the most delectable seafood on the planet.  Secondly, Vancouver has an amazing convergence of cultures offering up some of the most authentic food you’ll find this side of the Pacific.

One of the jewels nestled into the crown of Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood is the Thai restaurant, Maenam. Holy moly. This understated, elegant, food mecca is tucked into the chic stretch of 4th Avenue.  It has everything you need to be happy-including a knowledgeable waitstaff who describe what you need to know about each dish, including its spice level.

It’s a good idea to listen to them.  For example, the 8 Spice Fish-which has become as well known as Nobu’s Blackened Cod-is more sweet than spicy, but the Siamese Water (torture) Spinach has the kind of cumulative spice that can only creep out of tiny, red Thai chilli peppers. Noses will run, eyes will water, and you just might go back for it twice before you leave town.

Traditional Thai dinner includes different dishes and spice levels, so they do have a tasting menu to create this experience.  If you aren’t ready to commit, however, go with friends and order one dish per person with the intent to share.  The prices are not exorbitant and the portions may leave everyone in your party with something for lunch the next day.

When you finish your dinner, please have the Chocolate Pot-just have it. Even if you don’t want it, have it anyway.  It’s bitter and sweet, crunchy and creamy, frozen and not frozen all at the same time.  How is that possible?  I don’t know.

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